Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The class picture for the yearbook was released today!

Frankly, I thought it was rather cute with the array of Chibi figures all around. I especially liked mine (obviously).

Kinda reflects my soul stealer self candid shots hobby. =)

Though there were other distinctive ones such as Jolid's Black-Haired Kakashi-Lookalike with his trademark PSP, Money-Faced Liangui (Literally) painting $ signs & Jun Yan drowning in his own crap (Not Literally). If possible, I'll post the pics up.

I wanna post the whole yearbook piece, but since Luo Min has already done so @ her blog, you can go there to view it.

Many to the trio (Hwee Ying, Koon Ling & Luo Min) who slaved over this. And who still bothered making of a list of amendments some of the class wanted to add/erase.

Anyway, after grousing/grumbling/bitching for nearly a whole day, I feel a tad better about the lost EL marks I could have gotten but never did for a reason not entirely my fault alone. Yeeeeah. I DO FEEL A TAD TAD better. Either way, I don't really want to dwell on it since those involved aren't going to be bother their non-existent consciences by dwelling on it either. Yeah. Once and for all, repeat after me;
It is Not Your Fault, It's Not My Fault(unless you're Little Miss/Mr Always Right coz my results say so)

And two words for myself & the fellow stressed ones sharing the same sorry boat.. RELAX. FOCUS.

Onto the next random thought.
X-Men (Marvel comics) have one sure thing in common with the Pokemon franchise:

Their characters get uglier more unattractive and weirder as time goes by.

Recently, I borrowed this issue of X-Men from the library.

Basically it's set in this alternate universe (due to a freak accident by another freak superhero team member who went berserk but the story is getting complicated so let's not care about the background) whereby 90% of the world's mutants reverted back to human beings and lost their powers. Thus Xavier's School (X-Men HQ) become some sort of a refugee camp for those who weren't converted.

Within the camp, there lies a hidden danger in the form of this mutant (I think) with a tentacle monster living in/on his chest.

Apparently his identity is a total mystery hence his name as of now is "JOHN DEE".

The gross tentacle monster eats bits of DNA (e.g. Hairs, Blood, Fingernails...) & produces mini-voodoo dolls of the DNA's owner. The dolls can be controlled by John Dee himself and can end lives at an instant.
By the way, that fleshy thing is his finger holding the hair from the previous pic. John Dee plunges the hair bits (& his finger) into the tentacle monster's mouth. What Were You Thinking?!

Then he pulls a clam-shaped pod from the tentacle monster's mouth. And wala! The Mini-Voodoo Doll is made. (He should consider starting a business in New Orleans with this ability; it's like VooDoo for Dummies.)

Screw setting up a business. John Dee has already begun his career as a travelling salesmen.

The way he can command the voodoo dolls is just plain...perverse.

Here's a fine demonstration of how the Mini-VooDoo Doll works.
1) Tie looped thread round Doll's neck & Pull.
2) Watch intended victim perish by strangulation.

The Mini VooDoo Doll is disposable too. After one has no more use for it, just flush it down the loo.

But seriously though. A Tentacle-Monster Man who's Mutant Power is VOODOO?! Marvel must be running out of ideas. Long were the days of the Beautiful Ones of the X-Men whereby the mutants look remotely presentable regardless of the mutant ability. Nowadays, you get new mutants like Mammomax (some elephant man with acid saliva) & Peepers (Think Yoda with his eyes wide open). Haiz...

Not that I detest the new variety of mutants & their abilities. It's just unfathomable. And downright random (& kinda useless) , not to mention illogical at times. As with the Pokemon series, I want the first few generations back!

Yeah. Random thought. Just another random thought. I'm supposed to be studying, not ranting on the present X-Men. T_T