Monday, August 13, 2007

Casual Observations of the Truths 01: Humility Is Dead

There are some things a self-analysis of one's psyche can do. And there are those they cannot achieve.

I've been immersing myself in what the "grown-ups" like to call "self-reflection" for the past few days. Outsiders call it "stoning". Any form of "self-reflection" not induced by the "grown-ups" themselves is also called "day-dreaming". And yes, self-reflection/stoning/day-dreaming does help in relieving confusion-induced headaches by fogging the mind up with a healthy dose of the Truth. Side-effects include varying periods of Despair, an absurd gut instinct that one is alone by the sidelines watching the world spin further and further away from reach and of course, the abrupt loss of energy/chronic fatigue.

Though casual observation (or as casual as I tried to be without nit-picking), I inferred several possible Truths or half-Truths.

1) Humility Is Dead.
Nowadays it irks me whenever someone tries to play down his/her strengths by quoting someone else/jokingly denying it. I shall use the term "You" to refer to any said person who possesses said characteristics. We all know that You take pride in what you do. There is no need to pretend to eat humble pie (e.g."No lah! I'm not that good. *Giggles*(Insert name of random person) is better."). If You are proud of whatever it is, then bloody well show it. You are no Innocent, no Goody-two shoes whose entire character is based on Preached-But-Seldom-Practiced Morals. You are a half "grown-up", with Innocence lost for good. I hate facades. Although brutal honesty is difficult to differentiate from faked Innocence, I rather You just tell all instead of hiding behind that digustingly clean image. Yeah, I know that when You pretend to be all modest and shy about the compliments, most people think "He/She's not proud/arrogant, therefore he/she is a nice person." And this most certainly guarantee a seat in the Teachers'Pet party. By then, of course the Teachers wouldn't mind if You hand in sloppy work/skip class events/pay no attention in class/sleep. Just flash a megawatt smile (NOTE: Smile SWEETLY/GOOFILY, not smirk, grin...) and You'll get away with anything. See? The numerous benefits of being a sunshine kid who's HUMBLE about what he/she does.

I'll accept all compliments if I deserve them. Even though I don't, I'll not reject half-heartedly. Perhaps to everyone else, I'm arrogant and aloof. But at least I have my DIGNITY not to pretend. All these Yous out there choke on your plastic humble pie. Your humble act prevents any harsh criticism from targeting You, since You will not openly accept genuine praise, and neither will You be able to take genuine criticism. But it is understandable why most behave this way. True dignity will not feed you, nor will it gain you favour with the higher-ups.

That is all there is to it.