Saturday, October 07, 2006

Tenimyu: Dream Live 3rd

I have just fallen in love with Tenimyu all over again. This time with the last installment of the Tenimyu musical series. The cast was almost the same as the Hyoutei Imperial Match Tenimyu and was dynamic as usual. Basically, Dream Live 3rd was a recollection of some of the songs featured in the previous Tenimyus, along with some new ones.

However, unlike the previous myus, the last part of Dream Live 3rd was mostly filled with a sad atmosphere as the cast was crying, due to seperation afterwards. I had felt like bawling myself. Their antics backstage hid this sensitive side of them which was revealed upon the weeping shown at the last Tenimyu. The sight of Shirota the Funnyman openly sobbing was heart-wrenching. It had an even greater effect than the first person I saw cry on Tenimyu - Choutarou from Hyoutei in Dream Live 3rd.

The Hyoutei members sang "Seasons" which had something to do with partings and memories. "Seasons" seems to be saying something like "Although we part now and have only memories left, we will still live life happily and forever hold these memories dearly in out heart. So don't worry and move on" At least, that was what it seemed to me.
When it came to Choutarou's turn, he was trying to hold back his tears but his face was controting painfully. With a baby face looking so miserable, who wouldn't be touched? I think Shishido cried as well, but his wasn't that obvious because of the unclear resolution.[Damm Youtube]. But Kazuki proves here that the role of Atobe is made for him. He could still remain dignified while singing such an emotional song without sounding mechanical. Hiyoshi's deepish voice made his part of the song more realistic. There seem to be some sort of a hidden depth to that calm exterior. As though he could express deep emotions with just his voice.

Hyoutei Farewell Song "Season"

The entrance of Kimeru, Nagayan and Endo Yuuya from the first cast at the ending was the icing of the cake. Seeing the first two Ryomas glomping Yanagi was almost cute. If only all the cast members from all the Tenimyus could gather on the stage at the ending. That it would have truely been the ultimate Tenimyu gathering.

By the way, did I mention this was the first myu I've watched fully without subtitles and only my mediocal Japanese skills + my observation skills to understand what was going on? For a myu which I could barely understand most of the time and had succeeded in changing my mood for the rest of the night, it is exceptionally good.