Friday, March 31, 2006

The Irksome, The Tiring & The People Who Should Just Disappear

Finally...After two solid months of not blogging due to school commitments such as the crappy OM activities, useless projects & insignificant people causing significant trouble...I, Eneeli the Anime Freak is back! But before I get the Anime rantings to flow, I must first rid myself of the angry/angsty voices that keep repeating themselves in my head.And yes. I am most definately insane.
This year had been particulary unpleasant. I shall proceed to list them. If I bore you, please refer to my "Making Fun of Naruto"entry for a laugh.

On Global Scales
1] Bird flu threatens to cut off the world's supply of poultry, particulary chicken and duck. And that had gotten me thinking. First Pig Fever, then Mad Cow Disease, followed by SARS [Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome],and now, Bird Flu. Common point: They all originated from animals. What is with all this diseases?! If this is some feeble attempt by Whoever-In-Charge--Up-Above to wipe out the human race, then its crap. Cause it is not creative, very troublesome and is cutting off some of our food supply. What next? Vegetable Rash? F**king Fish Disease?

2] Terrorist activities have increased, leading to more lives being lost, destruction of property and the rise of even more bad news. My point? Terrorists = Uncreative Idiots. They have their own way of thinking and they want people to sit up and notice. That feeling of being looked down upon/ignored is understandable. But blowing things up just to get attention? That's just incredibly childish! If they wanted attention, they could have staged a protest. But then again, the main target of these terrorists are also to blame. If they had paid attention and stopped being so racist, all these bloodshed wouldn't have occured. Now you see? Racists are the source of the problem.

On Personal Scale
1] A particular school competition,OM had, in a mere two months, taken away at least a decade off my life. I had been staying back after school until evening THREE times a week...Okay...The whole team slacked for a good amount of time....But still...It's dead troublesome to stay back so often. My grades dropped drastically since then. It'll be over soon...But if we fail to clinch any of the top three spots...The coach would probably have our heads for this.

2] The Effects of Gravity on Grades has increased drastically since the start of problem 1 [OM]. I had dropped from Position 8 to Position 18!!! And that was just in my class alone. I don't even want to think about my level positioning...It's throughly depressing to know that my future would be changed in the same year in which my projects increase. And if I can't do well and ruin my future, it'll be all my fault once again. That's unfairest-of-unfair unfair!

3]Annoying people who wallows in self-pity and causes trouble for people who don't sympanize with them...These people just gets on my nerves...By existing, they waste limited natural resource, causes more than enough angst for others & insults the very name of "Homo Sapiens". But due to [a genetic mutation in my blood [A.k.a The slight sadistic streak which rears its head every now and then] thicker skin than usual, these are considered the leaszt of my personal problems...I only have this to say to them though: "Get a life! If you want to remain in that disgusting pit of self-pity, fine! Stay there and quit dragging others down with you!" And TAKE THAT:

*Coughs*...Thank You.
Well, I'm done with my rant. The next [next] entry shall be Anime-related as there're too many Anime thoughts floating around in my head for me to properly concentrate on studies and other things.. I shall now leave you with this interesting point. Sayonara...

Japan's water has a very high dissolved oxygen concentration - but not enough to prevent drowning in the bath.
People might eat oats when they're hungry, but people from Hungary don't eat oats.