Wednesday, February 02, 2005

First Blog, First Post, First Step To Building A Fan Site Empire.

Finally, my very own blog.First of all, the Pledge of Fandom. I,Leen the Anime Freak,swears to transform this blog into one filled with Anime stuff. I swear never to use this blog to bad-mouth my enemies and use this blog for the greatness of Anime. This blog is now officially opened.
Yesss! My blog is now the footstool to my anime fan site empire. Remember this,one and all, Leen the Anime Freak will one day set up a whole string of fan sites dedicated to Anime and Anime only! Then I'll conquer the Anime world of fan sites!
*Takes a deep breath* O.k, I admit, that bout of ambitious behaviour was freaky.Guess I got a little too excited about this blog.Welcome to all who visits this blog. Feel free to make suggestions to improve my blog. As you can see, Anime is half my life (the other half is spent sleeping) and if you're a freak just like me, send me a couple of messages and maybe we can discuss Anime one day.
I've got to go now, my mum's been nagging during the whole time I was typing this post.See ya all, soon! : )